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NASW JobLink, the Social Work Career Center’s job board, will help you look for a new job or allow members-only to post their résumé.

Social Work Salary Trends

In May 2010, the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) released a new Social Workers Compensation Study that offers a depiction of what social workers earn. 

According to the NASW study, the median annual salary for social workers that have earned a graduate degree with less than five years experience is $43,700; those with 10-19 years experience earn a median salary of $52,000; and those with 20-29 years experience earn a median annual salary of $60,000.

Regarding practice area, the highest median Base Pay by far was earned by those in administration ($78,000). The next best paid practice area, occupational social work, was $13,000 lower, at a median of $65,000. Other practice areas with median Base Pay at or above the overall practitioner median of $55,000 were: school social work, political social work, public health, criminal justice, developmental disabilities, displaced persons/homeless, and child welfare/family. Each of the other practice areas had a median Base Pay below the overall practitioner median of $55,000.

How to Market Yourself

Want to land your next job? Then learn how to describe your work so that it captures a potential employer’s attention and develop a brief statement that introduces you to a networking contact you meet along your career journey.

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Job Search Resources

Social Work Career Development: A Handbook for Job Hunting and Career Planning, 2nd Edition by Doelling, C.N.
This unique handbook available from the NASW Press addresses in detail the career management and job search needs of social workers across job functions, fields, or degree levels, including self-assessment exercises, strategies for researching the job market and networking, details on résumés, curriculum vitae, and portfolios; tips on selecting master’s and doctoral programs, and much more.