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Professional development as an essential activity for ensuring quality social work services. The cornerstone of professional development is continuing your education. Regardless of career stage, social workers are ethically required to keep informed of current research, theory, and techniques that guide social work practice to better serve clients and constituents.

NASW Professional Development services for the Professional Education and Training Program and the Credentialing Center are participating programs with the Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts (MyCAA).

NASW is committed to helping social workers meet their professional development needs. This strong dedication has led to the creation of multiple professional development programs and products such as credentials, education and training courses, newsletters, employment information, resources, and publications. NASW members can receive both free CEs and CEs at discounted rates to fill their licensing or credentialing requirements when they participate in our professional development programs.

Below are resources that provide you with the continuing education you need to enhance your professional skills:

NASW’s Professional Education and Training Center

NASW launched in 2011 the Professional Education and Training Center. The Center is an online continuing education resource that social workers can use anytime, anywhere. Don’t worry about traveling costs or lost revenue from not working. Available 24 hours a day online, the Center offers NASW courses in a variety of formats—webinars, webcasts, podcasts, presentations, etc. The Center houses numerous courses in a variety of practice areas and the catalog continues to grow. You can sign up for course alerts when your course subjects become available!

NASW’s new Center is an excellent continuing education resource. All courses offered are NASW accredited and members receive discounted prices on CEs. Click here to access the Center’s course catalog.

Other Resources:

  • Continuing Education Portal
    The CE Portal is a national listing of quality continuing education offerings. A wealth of information at your finger tips where you can search by topic, location, and/or date. 
  • NASW Chapters
    NASW Chapters connect you to NASW chapter/state annual conferences and local continuing education programs and activities. Review an NASW Chapter Web site where you live and work to access continuing education events and a network of colleagues.
  • Risk Management Workshops (NASW Members Only)
    NASW Assurance Services, Inc. (ASI) offers risk management workshops with CEUs and online resources to reduce a social worker’s risk and exposure to an ethics complaint, licensing board complaint, or malpractice law suit. To learn more, visit the ASI Education Center.
  • NASW Lunchtime Series
    NASW members can take advantage of one-hour live teleconferences and earn 1.0 free CEUs. Can’t make a teleconference, but still want to earn the CEU? Listen to the podcast, download the audio file, or read the transcript later. The Lunchtime Series covers current topics of interest to social workers. Register to listen right away.
  • NASW Specialty Practice Sections Teleconferences (SPS Members Only)
    NASW Sections sponsor practice-based teleconferences exclusively for section members. The live teleconferences provide you with the opportunity to earn more free CEUs. The courses are available 24/7 by downloading the audio file or reading the transcript.
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