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What questions help in writing a winning résumé?

To make it sell, answer the following:

  1. What are your two top job choices in order of preference?
  2. What skills do you enjoy using the most and want to highlight?
  3. What have you done on the job that distinguishes you from others in your field?
  4. What projects or teams did you lead, or innovative concepts did you introduce, that had the most positive results on the company?
  5. What recommendations or contributions have you made that have been accepted or implemented?
  6. Have you quantified accomplishments in detail versus just listing them briefly? Are they tangible, bottom-line benefits from the employer's perspective?
  7. How will your unique work style benefit a potential employer? How has your style fueled your accomplishments with previous employers?
  8. Have you used a personal e-mail address and not your employer's? (e.g., Yahoo!, AOL, Hotmail versus your at-work account)
  9. Is your résumé easy to read, with all contact information and employment history basics readily visible? (e.g. name of company, title, dates of employment)
  10. Does the document include up-to-date language and the buzzwords hiring decision-makers are looking for?
  11. Have you proofread your résumé at least twice and had another person review it for spelling errors, typing mistakes, incorrect dates, etc.?
  12. Does the résumé read like a marketing document that SELLS you, rather than a narrative of your work history?
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