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What words will make my résumé stand out?

Accepted Edited Published
Accomplished Effected Purchased
Accrued Eliminated Recommended
Achieved Employed Recorded
Acquired Encouraged Recruited
Adapted Established Rectified
Addressed Estimated Reduced
Administered Evaluated Referred
Advised Executed Regulated
Analyzed Exhibited Reorganized
Answered Expanded Reported
Anticipated Extracted Researched
Applied Hired Resolved
Appointed Identified Restored
Arbitrated Illustrated Reversed
Arranged Implemented Revitalized
Assessed Improved Revitalized
Assigned Improvised Saved
Assisted Increased Scheduled
Audited Initiated Searched
Briefed Inspired Selected
Budgeted Inspected Simplified
Bolstered Interacted Simulated
Bought Instructed Sold
Built Insured Solved
Calculated Interpreted Sought
Categorized Invented Sparked
Centralized Introduced Specified
Certified Investigated Staffed
Chartered Launched Streamlined
Classified Led Studied
Collaborated Liquidated Summarized
Coordinated Located Supervised
Corrected Made Supported
Counseled Maintained Synthesized
Crafted Managed Systematized
Created Measured Tabulated
Consummated Mediated Taught
Decentralized Minimized Tested
Decreased Moderated Trained
Defined Modified Traded
Delegated Modernized Translated
Demonstrated Motivated Trimmed
Designed Negotiated Tutored
Determined Planned Uncovered
Developed Prepared Unified
Devised Presented United
Diagnosed Prevented Upgraded
Directed Produced Varied
Displayed Processed Verified
Distributed Promoted Won
Documented Proposed Wrote
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