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Sample Social Worker Job Description Outline Guide

It’s important for employers to write good job descriptions so they can attract the most highly qualified
and talented social workers. A job description should articulate the most important outcomes you need
from a social worker for the position you are looking to fill. Below is a sample social work job description
outline that can be used to help guide employers when they are developing a social work job

Organization Name:
Organization Description:
OrganizationWeb site:
Job Title:
Salary (or salary range):
Type (full – experienced, part-time – entry level, etc.)
Preferred Education:
Benefits (401K, health, dental, vision, etc.):
Job Description:

  • Job duties (tasks that need to be performed / responsibilities)
  • Crucial functions of the job with examples
  • Articulate the most important outcomes needed from the position
  • Description of work environment
  • Schedule / hours / shift\
  • Background investigation required / drug and alcohol screening

Candidate Qualifications:

  • Education level
  • Credential / licensing requirements
  • Years of experience
  • Required knowledge, skills, and abilities
  • Technical skills, if applicable
  • Travel requirements (drivers license)
  • Language requirements (bilingual skills)

Employer Contact Information (include how candidates apply for position):

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